Norton Commons Homearama 2016 Is In Full Swing – Video Update

Norton Commons Homearama 2016 Is In Full Swing – Video Update

Jason:    Hi, Jason Black with Artisan Signature Homes coming to you from House Number 13, Hampton Pointe, in the Norton Commons Homearama. We are well underway, the show is open, and as we expected House Number 13 has been a fan favorite.

So many wonderful things we’ve talked about over the last six, nine months, it’s so fun to be able to see the finished product. At times, maybe I questioned building a slide and a circle staircase from the third floor to the second floor, but seeing it all complete and seeing viewers and listeners coming out and taking a whirl down the slide is pretty awesome.

We’re standing in the third floor loft of Hampton Pointe today. We see a lot of shiplap, this whole room is covered in shiplap, very light and airy feeling. We call this the zen loft or pajama loft. It’s going to have a nice big screen TV, and really the family is going to be able to hang out here and kids can take countless trips up and down the slide, so one of the many great features of this house.

Right down the hallway, we’ve got a great constellation room. The whole area has been painted in chalk paint, all black with some constellation, some LED lights, and some fiber optics lights in there, and really a cool spot. We’ve got a little circular reading nook, or a reading pod, as well as a daybed, and then as you travel down the hallway here in the third floor, it’s all kids on this floor, there’s a little tree wood and some rustic farm wood, nice built-in desk area, lots of kid’s coloring. Just a good spot for the family to hang out, the sitter and family can come up here and enjoy the afternoon. That wraps up the third floor.

Of course, behind the camera here is a balcony that looks out over North Commons and the Emerald Park, so pretty wonderful views. You can see the sunsets, it’s a great spot to watch the sunset.

Come check us out, Hampton Pointe Lot 13, or House Number 13, here in Norton Commons. Show runs through July 31st.