Norton Commons Homearama Opens This Coming Weekend!

Norton Commons Homearama Opens This Coming Weekend!

Jason:    Hi, Jason Black here with Artisan Signature Homes, coming to you from Norton Commons, site of Homearama 2016, it’s one of 2 sites this year. There’s 24 furnished homes in this wonderful home show this year. One of the ones behind me is going to be house Number 13, that is Hampton Pointe. It’s our shingle style cottage, and we cannot wait to show you guys what we’ve got in store for you inside.

Real quick, a little bit of details for you all about Homearama. I know a lot of people are curious when this show starts. It starts July 16th, and runs every day through July 31st. That’s in Norton Commons and in River Crest. Ticket prices are $10 per person. Weekdays the show runs from 5 pm to 9:30 pm, Saturdays from 10 am to 9:30 pm, and Sundays 1 pm to 6 pm. Please keep in mind ticket gates close an hour and a half prior to the listed closing times. If you need directions or any other additional details, you can check out or

The show is … Gosh, we’ve been talking about it for over a year now. I cannot wait to show off what we’ve been doing. Our shingle style house, if you’ve been following along, is really coming together. We’ve got the copper spire on there with the detailed copper work, lots of porches. We ended up putting in a small, little swimming pool with a little water feature that’s going to be really cool for folks to see. A lot of people don’t realize Norton Commons, you can have your own pool. We’ve really maximized the yard space in this one. We even have a little dog room for the dog lovers with the doggie run. There’s some artificial turf, so lots of new ideas for you.

The interior of Hampton Pointe is really cool. A lot of the homes you’ll see are kind of going with that coastal interior. If you saw maybe a snippet of our house Number 8, our Magnolia Cottage is very light and airy, coastal feeling. House number 13 is a little bit different. It’s kind of got a modern industrial, kind of a little bit darker colors mixed with some brass accents, one of the coolest kitchens I’ve ever seen. We’ve got a full height soapstone backsplash behind the hood in the kitchen. We’ve got an all-navy dining room. We’ve got an office painted in high gloss in a grey, some really cool distressed floors, some really unbelievable tile work in there.

We’ve done a whole lot of LED accent lighting, strip lighting, highlighting some of the ceiling work we have in there. We’ve got a third floor sleeping PJ loft that is full of shiplap and spiral staircase, maybe a slide for the kiddos or two to have some fun with. One of the other cool features we have in this house is on the third floor we’ve got a net that you can crawl out onto, lay on, read a book, and you’ll be actually suspended over the second floor.

That’s just a few… the video’s not long enough to get into all of them. As you can hear, guys are still working around us, wrapping up all the last minute details on the show. Come check us out. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook. More importantly, come say hi to me in person. House Number 8 or house Number 13 here in Norton Commons.