Video Preview Of Louisville Homearama 2016 Custom Property

Video Preview Of Louisville Homearama 2016 Custom Property

Full Video Transcript:

Hi it’s Jason Black coming to you from Hampton Point, our 2016 Homearama home in Norton Commons. Today we are inside of this beautiful house, wanted to showcase a couple of things we have going on. This whole home started around this part right here and I call it the fun zone. It’s a circular opening from the second floor up to the third floor attic, so it’s going to be complete with a spiral staircase with a slide on the outside. So, for the kids, parents and friends, when they’re hanging out will be able to go from the third floor up there, slide all around the circular slide and come out here on the second floor, so it should be a lot of good fun here in this house.

Some of the other great features of the fun zone is, there’s a circular dome that’s on top of the third floor attic, which is in the ceiling, so we’re going to finish it with some cool lighting, a nice chandelier, some rope lighting and it will really be the highlight of the pajama wall that the spiral staircase leads you to on the third floor.

You might hear in the background some action going on. We’re right in the midst of some construction, we have some spray foam, we’re actually installing the foam in the walls so pretty exciting stuff, they’re installing some cedar shake on the exterior, you might hear some hammering. We actually put up the cedar one shake at a time. People don’t understand the labor it takes to do that. We’re probably a good four weeks in to installing the cedar on the outside and we’re probably only half way done. Very meticulous work but the end result will definitely be worth it.

As part of the second floor fun zone, it’s kind of the central artery of the house, it actually looks down into the great room of the house. It has a little curved balcony that we, the metal handrail that we have custom fabricated for the fun zone will actually tie in and will be that same railing that will overlook and protect into the great room there.

We’ve got a cool Birmingham fireplace which is a, it’s got a herringbone inset. It’s a little bit taller, not as wide so it gives you more of that distort period look and opens right out onto the patio with our nano-wall door and our sliding wall that if you’re entertaining in the back yard you can open this door up a good solid ten feet wide open, really engage the outside space and bring it inside. Just one of a couple of many cool features taking place at Hampton Point here in Norton Commons.

Folks as we wrap up this tour of our Lousiville Homearama house be sure when you come out to Norton Commons this July, July 16th – 31st, be sure to look for house number 13, that’s Hampton Point, it’s a corner lot, we’re just scratching the surface of what this house has to offer. It’s over 6000 square feet of rimming, five porches, four floors, so make sure you come out and check out house number 13.