Video Update: Louisville Homearama Is Next Week!

Video Update: Louisville Homearama Is Next Week!

Jason:    Good morning, folks. Welcome back to another episode of Artisan Signature Homes, bringing you some more exciting Homearama news here in Louisville, Kentucky. We are down to the wire as Homearama opens July 16th, a Saturday.

It will be open for 17 straight days. We’ll get to all the specific dates and times here in just a little bit, but it’s fun to finally get the culmination of all the hard work we’ve been doing this last year coming to fruition.

Behind me, we’ve got our Magnolia Cottage. This is going to be house Number 8 for Artisan Signature Homes in the North Commons home show this year, and it’s kind of our signature low country style. Some of the great features on the exterior of this house that we’ve got are, if you’ll notice, we have exposed rafter tails in the soffits, so again, a very laid back, less formal look, very relaxed.

One of the things we love to incorporate in as many homes of ours as possible is the Bevolo gas lantern that welcomes you over the front porch, so it’s just a signature statement of ours and just really gives that house that cozy feeling. We’ve painted the shutters and front door. Shutters aren’t quite up yet, but front door is a Waterscape color by Sherwin-Williams, very popular color for us. The siding on these is prefinished from James Hardie. It’s actually white, so again, if you do a lot of Southern Living reading or research, you’ll see that white continues to be one of the most popular exterior features of the home, so you’ll again see that here.

We’ve got double porches overlooking the Emerald Green Park. It has a nice Zoysia grass in the middle, so kids that can come out and play soccer and throw football here as people sit on the park benches and really enjoy what Norton Commons is all about, and that is totally more light per square foot. There are so many great amenities that, if you’ve never been out to Norton Commons or been to Homearama, I hope you can come out and check out this year’s show. It’s going to be pretty exciting.

Let me give you guys some dates and times. It will run July 16th through the 31st. It runs in Norton Commons as well as River Crest, first time there. Tickets are $10 per person, and show hours are, during the weekdays, 5pm to 9:30pm. Saturdays is 10am to 9:30pm, and Sundays are 1pm to 6pm, and please remember the ticket gate closes an hour and a half prior to the listed closing times.

If you need directions or anything like that, you can always check out or more information at Again, Jason Black, come check us out, Artisan Signature Homes, house Number 8, here in Norton Commons.