Video Update Of Hampton Pointe Interior For Homearama 2016

Video Update Of Hampton Pointe Interior For Homearama 2016

Jason:    So guys, time is flying by, welcome back to Hampton Pointe, house Number 13, this is Jason Black, owner of Artisan Signature Homes taking a sneak peek inside to see some of the finishing touches going into this shingle-style home here in Norton Commons. As you can see, the exterior trim work is moving right along. We switched things up a little bit on this house, we’re going a little more modern industrial with the trim work to meet the feel of the interior. The casing is very slim, very clean, not a whole lot of dimension to it, that’s the feel we’re going for.

Same with the baseboard and a lot of the moldings that you’ll see when you come out here. They’re very simple but very detailed. Also, we are making great progress with some of the tile work in here as well as you can see on some of the floors. One of the clients, their daughter, she has a ceramic looking tile which are very popular right now. It’s like a hand painted tile. That’s the floor taking place with the blue here in her bedroom.

This client also has 2 boys, and their room is pretty cool. They’re going to have 4 bunk beds in the room. They share a larger room, and they also have basically a large Jack and Jill bath that they each have their own side. We’ve got a cool black hexagon tile on the floor. They’re big Star Wars fans, so we’re incorporating the black hex and some cool Star Wars features into this room, so it’s going to be a cool site.

We have this very cool, almost looks like a tumbled weathered brick, but it’s got a dark gray, light gray hue to it. It really compliments the shiplap in there very well. You’ve heard us talk about shiplap for months now. You’re actually seeing some of it go up on the walls. In this particular space, in the mud room, we’re going to paint the shiplap a grayish color to compliment the tile, and we’re going to accent the window sashes on the interior with a black paint. You’ll have to come back soon to see that finish.

We’re not quite there yet, but hopefully maybe on the next episode we can show you that. That’s some of the finishing touches going on at Hampton Point here in Norton Commons.