Video Update Of Magnolia Cottage, Lot 8 In Norton Commons Homearama

Video Update Of Magnolia Cottage, Lot 8 In Norton Commons Homearama

Jason:    Hi, guys. This is Jason Black. Welcome back to Artisan Signature Homes … Doing a little video preview of Homerama 2016 in Norton Commons which opens July 16th.

We’re going to switch things up a little bit today and show you our other home in the show and that is our Magnolia Cottage, which is house Number Eight. If you’ve been following along, we’ve always talked about my inspiration of the South and the Low Country Style and that’s kind of the epitome of this house. Beautiful double porches with a great view of the Emerald Park. As you can see, it’s well underway … nice, lush, greenscape, plenty of landscaping. We’ve got some of our great AZEK decking on this porch floor, so it’ll be very weather resistant and the owners will enjoy these views for years to come.

Moving on the inside of Magnolia Cottage, a lot of the finishes of this home are really in tune with, again, what we’ve been talking about. We’ve got the classic, white, cabinetry, antique brass accents on all the hardware, as you can see. All the lighting fixtures and accessories will all have some of those brass-type accents. We’ve complemented these brass accents with very traditional sand and finish floors that are being sanded right now. We’re going to put on just a white glaze over those and maybe just a coat or two of polyurethane. Keeping the floors very natural, but just highlighting it with a little bit of white glaze and it gives it that kind of coastal feel.

Couple of other cool things we have going in Magnolia Cottage … the master bathroom is really spectacular. Got a nice barrel, ceiling that is really the highlight of the space. Beautiful Carrara marble laid on a herringbone on the floor and with that barrel it’s just a nice … This house is about 2,200 square feet, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the size of this master bath. It really is special, a nice, nice, spot.

Finally, as we wrap it up, one of the neat features that, working with our clients, they had some ideas of incorporating some lockers. We’ve got some old-school lockers that they’ve worked into their cubbies so their boys can have a place to throw their backpacks. It’s like coming home from school from their locker to having the lockers here. It’ll be pretty cool to check out.

Again, house Number Eight, Magnolia Cottage. Come check us out in July, thanks.